Thursday, August 07, 2008

With a name like Ekey, it's got to be good.

Family, be warned. I am coming for you.

If you were not already terrified of what could be found on the internet, then this might pique your interest/send you into fits of paranoia that will lead you to an electric free shack in Montana. Either way.

The New York Times does a decent write up of on new online project that has created one of the most comprehensive online criminal background searches for the public. Also...It's FREE!

Want to know how many DUIs Donald Ekey has? Three by this Web site's count. Did you know that in 1972 Joseph Ekey was arrested for drugs?

And the list goes on and on. The last name is a bit of an obscure one, but it still garners a large number of hits when you roll it through this Web site that pulls information from thousands of state and local records.

It even found my outstanding warrant in New York State — Yeah, I'm not linking to that.

Outside of terrorizing my own family with its own criminal record, this reinforces an idea I had for a book (OK, maybe just another awful blog post) not to long ago. Who wouldn't love to track down all those random family members and find out where they went.

I know one plays golf for Alabama. Another used to be a reporter and then turned to work for the government. We have a CEO for a Florida Zoo. And a another used to be a principal with principles.

Bottomline, we crazy. And one day one of us might actually write all about it.

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