Saturday, August 09, 2008

Won't somebody think of the children?!

John Edwards was a fan favorite for the Weekly when he ran for president the first time around — which then landed him as VP for Candidate Kerry.

He was still the apple of many folks eye here as he kept up his campaign for poverty, education and other issues after he left the Senate. Even as recently as last month, several Obama supporters said they were turned off with their own Messiah Democrat becasue he was not more closely embracing Edwards and his platform issues.

Maybe now that was not such a bad move, eh?

Following several articles from the National Enquirer and even our own local TKC about supposed love/bat children Edwards has been outed as a philanderer.

Gasp and egads! Moral outrage! Summon the religious leaders and counselors to weigh in on this one!

Well, I'd still vote for the guy if given the chance.

I am not going to play naive and pretend that sexual behavior does not play into the uninformed voter's decision. Is he a bad husband, maybe. Is he a bad politician, not at all. Sure, you get your Larry Craigs who rant and rail about how gays are evil and then expects us to buy that his "wide stance" in a public bathroom is completely normal way to take a poop.

Or the Missouri Republicans who harp about sending all pedophiles to the Chair for keeping kiddie-porn and then hire the same people who run those perverted Web sites.

That is something that makes you stop and wonder just what they are advocating for on the floor of the legislature when they push their own moral agenda. But Edwards never made any major moral stand in the Senate or attempted to force some kind of agenda while he was off with this woman who is described as a "drunk cougar."

He did his job and he did it well and kept getting elected to do said job. I am not going to rant and say that Thomas Jefferson, JKF, and Bill Clinton has a slew of affairs and everyone still seems to love them as some of the great American leaders...oh wait.

Anyway. We all need to have a collective unbunching of our panties and stop worrying about what butterfly ballot Edwards is punching — let's hope he did not leave a hanging, or worse, Pregnant Chad; that kid might actually be his...

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