Saturday, September 20, 2008

Homemade Politics

With only 46 day until the presidential election, I know we have gone a bit overboard with the political ads and jib-jab here at the WW.

But when this homemade ad came rolling across the WW Natl. Desk, we knew we had to...nay, the force told us we had to share the glory.

The man supports Athletics AND Arts ... Finally, Jocks and Whiny Hipsters can join together under the stewardship of this Lightsaber-wielding politician. Knight used this ad in his 2007 bid for the county school board. At some point VH1 even aired the commercial (but who watches VH1, srsly) and turned him into a bit of a celebrity.

But it seems from his blog that things have not as well as his commercial would indicate.

Well, from the Temple of Gonzo and the WW, we hope to see more out this southern Jedi.

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