Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I am Spartacus

How did I miss this?

Kansas City is getting its ownBasketball team. Well ... an ABA Team: The Kansas City Spartans.

The fledgling league is expected to have a press conference at Ilus David park downtown on Sept. 17 to announce open try-outs. The league claims they have been planning this new team since June, but have been slow to get press out.

Even without a roster, the team's Web site claims they will begin playing in December ... DECEMBER!

Still, there is no word on where this team will be playing, but I will bet the city will not let them use the still-empty Sprint Arena.

Because the NHL sucks and the NBA is worthless, I don't expect either of those leagues will be filling the mega-empty arena any time soon.

More importantly, they are also looking for talent to come up with the team anthem that will presumably be sung at every event to a swelling throng of the player's families and friends — assuming even they show up.

I'm not saying the ABA is a bad thing, but let's take a serious look at the most recent trend that sports has taken in this city.

Royals - Losers
Cheifs - Soon-to-be -Losers
Brigade: Seasonal Disasters
Wizards: Soccer is not a real sport...
Blades: Who?

This could get interesting.

I wish them the best of luck.

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Gina said...

Um soccer is too a real sport. To be frank, the KC Wizards are probably the most successful sports team in this city. FACT!