Thursday, September 04, 2008

Old Missouri, fair Missouri...

My dear old Varsity.

I'm not usually one to kick my old Alma Mater, especially when I am surrounded by all these KU doofers.

Still, I could not ignore the irony when this marketing packet made its way to my office. MU is celebrating all things journalism with a week-long booze-fest and gathering of journalists in Columbia to celebrate the J-school's 100th Birthday.

But throwing a birthday party in the hallowed halls of a dying industry is like recognizing the birthday of your dead cat. Sure, cake and streamers are fun, but its not bringing Twinkle back to life.

Adding the a little salt to the "Your industry is dying" wound, the J-school announced several weeks ago (after more than a year of planning this J-bration) that they might have to shut down The Missourian — the daily paper run by the J-school.

Mizzou saw the writing on the wall to close the paper opting to go online instead, but it seems its marketing department did not. The media packet advertising for the event included pages of chest thumping for the newspaper declaring it one of the best labs for journalism and an award-winning institution.

It was amazing that Columbia (barely) kept two city newspapers alive for that long. This does not even begin to touch the myriad student-run, Greek influenced or just retarded rags that float through that town.

When I hit this party, I'll have to make sure to pour one out for my homies at The Mo'ian.

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