Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sean Tevis is my hero.

Check out the video and some of the great photos from the Old Settler's Parade (yes, the apostrophe goes there) where we marched for Sean Tevis. Up as the ass-crack of dawn and battling a hangover, we marched in the drizzle for Tevis and a chance at becoming the next YouTube micro-celebrity.

Tevis is battling the incumbent Old, Arlen Siegfreid, for the Kansas State House out of Olathe.

Click for more photos and Sean's Web site.

Tevis says 'HELLO' to the masses of Olathe.
From the Tevis campaign Web site

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Old Fart said...

Funny thing is, the Tevis campaign doesn't seem to want to put out yard signs, or speak to a person who has donated money to the campaign. I donated money, and since I live in the 15th district I asked for a yard sign. This was in July. I emailed again two weeks ago. Haven't heard squat. If Mr. Tevis and his campaign treat money donors like that, what type of access can people who don't like him expect to get if gets elected? I've emailed Arlen in the past, and recv'd timely replies in every instance.