Monday, September 22, 2008

Who needs edukatshun?

Lord knows the school districts around here don't exactly provide a modern education. Still, one of my favorite blogs out there is offering a a great deal (and chance at shameless self promotion).

Mental Floss, in its on-going mission to de-retardify the nation, is offering $50,000 in scholarship money to students heading college. Now, I know we have a lot of teacher-type readers to this little dumping ground of drivle ... so, it's nice to know that we can give back in our own little way (and shamelessley promote the hell out of this site).

Granted, the WW has been more of a promoter of bad decisions and more booze — but isn't that what college is really all about. So, get out there, Seniors, and make us proud with those college decisions... and don't forget to post it all to Facebook.

Rules and forms for the scholarship can be found here.

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