Saturday, November 08, 2008

Chocolate Show

Spent most the weekend at the NY Chocolate Show, one of the most decadent and depraved showings in modern America.

What exactly does this mean? It means a dozen model got dressed in chocolate. Yes, Chocolate clothing. Think edible underwear — but all over.

I got a chance to see it all firsthand in its gluttonous and ridiculous glory. Although, I have to say the superhero theme was rather nice. We all know you had fantasies of Lucy Lawless and Batgirl...throw in some chocolate clothing and suddenly it's.... well, i need a moment.

I spent most the night sneaking pieces of costume to eat and then dolling out beating to the jackass New York press corp that had gathered to cover this event for, what I assume Don K would call "The women's pages."

Still pretty neat by the end of everything.

Some photos from the show taken by the staff photographer I hung out with for the night.

Some Frequently asked questions:

Yes, it is all made of chocolate in some form.
Yes, those Tommy guns and the "Biff" and "Zowie" signs are chocolate too.
Ironman is indeed a guy and also bad ass.
The CBS Morning News Anchor who MCed the whole show is a total tool bag

Click on the photos for more models dripped in delicious delicious chocolate.

p.s. - I wanted to work this in, but it fell through the cracks until now. The NY Press Corp is a wild pack of hedonistic fuckbags who would not know they up side of a shit stick if it poked them in the eye. In other words, I'm done with all of them.

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