Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back in Brooklyn... or am I?

See... How could I get a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge without, in fact, being in Brooklyn?

I ran into some friends from the KC area over the "Christmas Break" and suddenly a conspiracy the size of the Grassy Knoll began to unravel...

"You don't actually live in NY, do you? You just say that so you don't have to hang out with us."

Granted, I am a lying shit of a human and a plot like this is not outside of my capacity. I have run into friends from KC on several occasions over the last two months while visiting home. I am curiously still listed as a contributor to several news outlets in the area.


The biggest indicator; Harry's has not yet closed. Lord knows I expected them to fold in a month after I left town and took my outrageous weekly bar tab with me.

Hell, maybe there is a one-armed man out there keeping them afloat.

Maybe I did not actually move to NY... Maybe the Loch Ness Monster and swamp gas have opened some kind of a worm hole that allows me to exist in both places.

Operation: Living in Brooklyn Conspiracy continues!



DKC said...

Parallel universes are more likely than swamp gas.

Sairen said...
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