Friday, December 05, 2008

Christmas is a commin'

That's right, blog-boobs, the holiday spirit has hit the Temple of Gonzo NYC. Break out the Yule Logs and deck the walls with thousands of flammable lights. It's Christmas Time!

Now, I have been on really good behavior and not entered into my usual Griswold-esque mentality of creating an electrical deathtrap here in Brooklyn. I think LJ got a little worried when I commandeered the Johnson Family Tree at Thanksgiving and added my usual lighting flair... 5,000 lights on a 12-foot tree is normal, right?

But as demure as she hopes this holiday time to be, I still managed to squeeze a nice tree and other items in the apartment to begin celebrating the birth of Santa. Now I will begin my secret campaign of jamming hundreds of strings of Christmas lights all over the place...

Rockefeller Center's got nothing on this tree...

We are also five days into the Lego Advent Calendar my cousin got for me this season. Thus far we seem to be putting together a nice summer picnic scene...

Day 1: Man with Turkey Leg.
Day 2: Grill with fire (foreground, fuzzy).
Day 3: Table with cup and skillet.
day 4: Girl with Ice Cream.
Day 5: Cooler and Umbrella.
Day 6: ???

I can't decide if I should open my Advents doors early since I will be out of town this weekend or just wait until Monday and get a flurry of Lego parts!

UPDATE: These guys are right in our backyard...

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