Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Hint hint

If nobody gets me this for Christmas then my Holiday Extravaganza 2008 will be ruined.

I have had fruit cake and I am one of the few that thinks it is actually pretty delicious (unless you make it with apricots, then you are just a terrorist).

Everyone needs one of these... Ghost of Christmas Future demands it. I will ad it to my Advent Lego Calendar that my cousin got me to tick down the days until Christmas.

So far the Lego toys that have come tumbling out have been magnificent. The first three days are a little camping scene. Get ready for lots of photos of Lego days each week.


Anna said...

i shall now call you "chester mcguiness"

Anna said...
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Anna said...

chester mcguiness, i think you should also ask for this little number also,
no holiday extravaganza is complete with out such a thing!

[sorry i deleted my comment above, i had posted the wrong link.]