Friday, December 12, 2008

Lego Advent Calendar Rocks Day 10, 11 & 12

Lego Advent, after three days of interesting choices, this week ramped it up a notch (pronounced Nawtch) with its mini-set.

The rhythm of this calendar took me a second to figure out:

One Day of Mini-fig.
One Day of small set that goes with mini-fig.
One Day of larger set that goes with mini-fig.

So I was ready for something big after the disapointing Firefighter/Cat trio. This week's Three-Set has so far been the best of the Calendar.

Mini-Dom DiFara and his amazing pizza...

Although, after hearing the Brooklyn Dom actually takes the pizzas out with his bare hands, I am beginning to think that the pizza paddle is one of those "extra" pieces.

So he is the Mid-Cal Wrap up...

Day 1: Man with Turkey Leg.
Day 2: Grill with fire (foreground, fuzzy).
Day 3: Table with cup and skillet.
day 4: Girl with Ice Cream.
Day 5: Cooler and Umbrella.
Day 6: Ice Cream Cart with Ice Cream Float
Day 7: Fire Fighter
Day 8: Tree with Cat
Day 9: Ladder (I think...)
Day 10: Mini-Dom - Pizza Master
Day 11: Table with two pizzas
Day 12: Pizza Oven
Day 13: ???

The whole gang.

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