Friday, January 30, 2009

A classy Thursday

It's not every day I get to drink with people who are used to sipping cocktails and not chugging moonshine. Trust me, when you don't have to worry about going mad or blind from your mix of Old Crow and coke, then you tend to enjoy the evening a little more.

The Dorchester Hotel 'collection', which run fancy-pants hotels all over the world, flew in their top bartenders to mix up their favorite drinks.

Oh, they were good.

From London, The Dorchester bartender put together an untouchable gin drink (The Martinez).

The New York Palace bartender did a good Bourbon Smash and (non-alcoholic) apple drink. I, of course, knew how to keep it classy when hanging out with other booze writers, bartenders and PR people.

Check out other photos from the night here.

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