Thursday, March 05, 2009

Fatty Crab and the scarriest subway ever

Got two seats at the much-hyped Fatty Crab for its opening night. Had some great food and even better whiskey. The dish we settled on was a rice-noodle, sausage and shiitake mushroom with a poached egg on top.

We also had some incredible sliders made with soy-based beef patties and spicy sauce.

When standing on the platform waiting for a subway, it's always kind of a crap-shoot on what kind of subway you will be getting.

Usually, the trains are pretty nice, clean and up-to-date. Other times, you are stuck on a train that is from the early 80s with faded yellow and orange seats.

Last night, as we stood on the plat form heading back to Brooklyn, this ancient relic of a subway came rattling up to the platform. It was only three cars and everyone (all 8 of us there) seemed to gasp as it stopped and opened its doors.

It was for employees only dropping them off and picking them up along the lines to man station booths and clean the stations.

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Brandon said...

that is awesome - you captured something pretty cool with that camera