Friday, March 06, 2009

A night with the NY Barfly

I never really had the chance in KC to sit down with other bloggers to pick their brains and find out what made them tick; find out why they did what they did for pretty much no pay and only the reward of being an internet fame-ball.

I always got the cold shoulder from most in the KC blog circle (aside from a few notable favorites — Tony, I'm looking at you) because I was never the most relevant or serious about the shit I posted in the foul dumping ground.

And, back then, I never cared.

But it was interesting last night to get to sit down for a couple of hours over drinks and cigarettes to talk with another successful blogger about, well, blogging.

The WW has never been a professional blog, fuck no. But it's been a nice place to keep in touch with those back home.

I was there, last night, for my other projects and attempts at carving some kind of professional space on this unforgiving inter-web. After last night I think we walked away with some interesting insight and a new ally in the ongoing blog fight.

If nothing else it was at least a chance to drink some Brooklyn Lager and talk with another fun cocktail geek.

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