Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Sweet mother of gawd. This city can throw down when it comes to this holy Irish day of green beer and goofy hats.

If it can be made green or Leprechaun-y, then New Yorkers have figured out how to do it and call it an important part of their heritage.

Breakfast of Irish Champions!

It was a pretty great day of drinking in Central Park, hanging with faux Irish and watching a crowd 20 blocks long of Firefighters march up 5th Avenue.

Seriously, how many off-duty firefighters are in this city?

The parade starts, officially, at 8 a.m. and people march up the Avenue until about 5 p.m. Firefighters, police, EMTs, Emerald Societies, Irish Clubs and anything that has a kilt walked in this parade and was cheered by the undulating drunken masses that lined the streets.

Yeah, even this guy marched.

It is actually kind of neat how old-school they keep the whole affair. no floats and only two motorized vehicles are allowed in the whole thing — the lead and ending cars. Everything else is marching, bands and bagpipes.

Afterward, LJ and I decided to grab some cart food and hit the free admission at the Met. Crowded on both accounts, but still cool to see. We thought we could sneak into a relatively quite Mexican joint in Mid-town, but even that was packed with people who could not get into one of the several bazillion Irish Pubs in Manhattan.


Then we ended our 11-hour march for the Irish by heading back to the safe enclave that is Brooklyn. Click the photos for more from our lunacy that is St. Patrick's Day NYC 2009.

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