Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm looking for comments here.

The Vanderbilt Ave and Prospect Place intersection looking south from my deck.

Another freaking warm weekend here in Brooklyn. But, while it was sunny and 80-degrees outside, I was inside in meetings all day working on some new projects.

The temperatures stayed in the 70s that night so I decided to break into the good tequila and sit on the deck with LJ and play with some night photography.

I'm curious what my photo friends (and non-photo friends) think. It's really the first time I have busted out the tripod and done long exposure work. They also have not been edited at all (save for some light cropping and resizing to fit here).

What do you think? What could I have done better?

Looking north up Vanderbilt where you can see Soda bar busy as always.


Katie said...

I think they would look better to me if they were shot from a balcony in KC - but that has nothing to do with the photo quality...look really cool cousin!

Brandon said...

Looks nice - Only suggestion is to play around with the time you take it. Black sky is good too, but if you shoot just after dusk, or close to it, you can get a dark blue sky (with clouds.) All the lights will still be on and give you the light blur, but you will get more detail as well.

Great views, I love seeing where you are living.

Hyperblogal said...

Play around with the color balance a little... you can eliminate some of the yellow of the sodium/mercury vapor lights to achieve more of what the eye sees... or, convert to black and white for the film noire look

Applecart T. said...

All is yellow. I wonder if this is what cats see. I would like to go to Soda. Your liver makes mine envious. I think I have a decade on you. Those a decade after me seem to be doing o.k. Onward.