Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Mets

UPDATE: Sweet baby Jesus. Chill-pill, folks.

It was about 40 degrees with a blowing, howling wind. Still, the tacos, burgers and Belgian fries were well worth it (oh, and the game was kind of cool, too).

Both the Mets and the Yankees got brand-freaking-new stadiums this year. The scale and size of this stadium makes the Kauffman renovations look like kids play... but then again watching the Royals was always like watching kids play.

All of the old stadiums, though, are getting renovated to look like The K with the open air stands that form more of a U around the entire park. The Old Shea was for both the Mets and the Jets (way back in the day, according to one crazy woman on the train over) so you were left with a lot of seats that did not even face the game.

I think the new stadium was well worth the multi-million dollar price tag — even if you are just looking at some of the new fancy food stands that serve delicious tacos, burgers and other items that are a step above the usual ballpark fare.

But even with all the new swank in Citi Field, I still got this shot from the back of the top seats on the grandstand.

Stay classy, Queens. More on the flickr page.


Hyperblogal said...

As one who watched Mantle and Maris and Whitey and Yogi play at old Municipal Stadium, I kinda long for the days before giant screens, canned organ music, and comfortable seats. I think we're rapidly approaching the day when only the players can afford tickets. It's hard to yell "you bum" at a guy making $25,000 per at bat.

Anonymous said...

The Met's what?

No wonder you're unemployed.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you might find this useful, King of Communications.

How are the Red's and the Tiger's doing, shithead?

Applecart T. said...

There are plenty of people who make typing mistakes and other errors on blogs, even professional newspaper sites supported by stockholders' expectations. My motto is: everyone needs an editor (even editors), and — come on: it's a blog!

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