Monday, May 11, 2009

The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Spent my brithday/Mothers' Day at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. In all reality I did not quite understand this place when I first moved to the neighborhood.

I mean, it's flowers — next to the park. But in six months and with the weather getting nice, $8 to see some pretty neat plants was actually a cool way to spend a weekend.

You don't really understand the appeal of Prospect Park and the Botanical Garden (and the Zoo, on some level) when you are coming from a primarily suburban life-stlye. It's a park, how special is that?

Well, it's pretty damn special. Espcially with Baonsai trees that are 115 years old and flowers that, for the most part, people in the The City have never seen before. Hell, there were flowers I had never seen before.

Pretty neat. Check out some of the photos.

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Hyperblogal said...

Geez... I knew a tree grew in Brooklyn but didn't know you had all this too.... very nice shots! And.. Happy Birthday....