Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gawddamned bloggers! With your loud talk and liquor! Get off my lawn!

It seems like the folks over at the Kansas City Press Club hate bloggers...

Wait, let's me rephrase that. They REALLY hate bloggers. So much so that when SPJ started inviting bloggers to its annual convention, KC Newsies knew they it was the end of the world.

Every year the Society of Professional Journalists holds a big get-together to tell reporters, editors and journalists from around the globe that "Everything will be OK" and "We are all still special and people really do like us."

Only this year, the National SPJ decided to invite some of those pesky little bloggers to the party. And The KC Press Club is none to pleased to have to share the stage. Instead of learning about the new technology and embracing what will eventually replace their slow asses, they have fired off an angry letter (yeah, those work) to Journalism's overlords.

From: Jack Miles
Sent: Monday, May 18, 2009 12:42 PM
To: Bill Grady
Subject: Re: amigos
SPJ speaks encouragingly to ‘citizen journalists,’ standing ready to help them.
This amounts to lending an air of journalistic credibility to a group that is undereducated by providing a miniscule amount of “training.”
This approach does not further the profession.
To the contrary, the project damages the profession.
People who never went through the crucible of j-school, under the SPJ plan, would receive just enough training to make them dangerous.
In essence, SPJ is saying to “journalism vigilantes” that by virtue of a bit of training they can carry pens to write as they please.
This compares to the FBI knowing militia groups, but rather than keeping them on the fringes, giving them a seminar and turning them loose as law enforcers.
People on the fringe of journalism, who do not bother to study the profession truly, should remain on the fringe.
SPJ should not invite such people under our tent – a tent I helped pay for in terms of literal and figurative dues and toil. By their very existence, bloggers and other quasi-journalists undermine the future of this profession and by extension democracy itself.
Bill Grady is the KC Press Club's president and Jack Miles has unfortunate facial hair. The letter is comical if not down right terrifying as we get a glimpse into what "Real Reporters" think of bloggers — apparently we are all terrorists looking to destroy America.

Granted, I don't put to much stock into this letter. In reality it amounts to about the same as Old Man Jenkins yelling for me to keep off his lawn...

At first I was angered by this letter, then irritated, now I pretty much just hear it as though it is being shouted at my by some toothless old coot.

"You damned kids with your inter-webs and MyFaces...get off my lawn!!"


Gene said...

So does Jack realize what colossal fuck-ups the "professionals" were during the late 1990s and 2000s?

lindsey said...

In all fairness, you do need to get the hell off my lawn. I've picked up at least a dozen empty Old Crow bottles this week alone.

blythe said...

Good Lord. Seems like quite an overreaction. The traditional media folks don't seem to get that they could work with instead of against the bloggers. Or hell, they're totally connected to a lot of the same sources -- they could be beating the bloggers in a lot of cases.

Way to fight to stay behind the curve, fellas.

Hyperblogal said...

So he wouldn't let David Brinkley in either.... he didn't do J school. Apparently it's okay to steal from bloggers just don't associate with them. It was a blogger who broke the "Royal's Stadium Brawl" story yesterday.. not a J-Grad.

Leigh Ann said...

HA HA! LOL!!! Viva la RevoluciĆ³n & see you on the unemployment line suckers!

Applecart T. said...

umm, yeah, i must be dangerous, then, since i dumped j-school for english literature 100 years ago and went on to have a life instead of training.

i recall learning, though, that journalists were SUPPOSED to be regular citizen people, getting the information available to all if they only had the time … there IS NO DIFFERENCE between a so-called blogger and a journalist, either, except the paycheck's origin and the interests' conflicts.

"to journal," after all, is what girls do all the time, to write in some diary, or, in the latin terms, just means "this daily thing that was written down." a wall street journal has bucks and (therefore more) credibility, but it's still a daily rag.

here's to rags of all kinds.

Anonymous said...

Come on Jack you and I both know that a lot of working journalists did not finish college and many at small community papers didn't even attend. There is no licensing standard and never has been. If someone actually had the ink and access to a press, which in days gone by wasn't that hard to get, they could publis a paper.