Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lee's Summit's fine landmarks.

Lee's Summit has made some interesting strides since I have been away. I mean, they are getting a Macy's. Seriously.

Still, no matter how many shopping malls of Buffalo Wild Wings they cram into their city limits, Lee's Summit will always be known to me as the The Dump.

We made quite a few trips to ye old City Dump (or Resource Recovery Park - as it is now called) this week as we started clearing out some brush and tree limbs. I was lobbying hard to just set it all on fire, but everyone else thought the City of Independence might frown on an open bonfire in the street.

I am kind of amazed at how much development and new homes have been built so close to the dump. I guess folks out south don't seem to mind the smell of rotting plants and vegetables in the morning.

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