Thursday, July 23, 2009

Movie night!

The city's parks and rec department has started screening free movies on Thursday nights to entertain (read: calm) the tired and unwashed masses of Independence, Mo.

Last night was Back To the Future both a classic and the best movie ever produced — ever. Argue with me on it... I dare you.

Anyway. I loaded up a grocery sack of popcorn and headed down with my counsin's kids in an attempt to teach a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old the theory of time travel and extol the virtues of not copping a feel on your relatives when you go back to 1955 to meet them.... it is just weird for all of us in the end.

The popcorn = big hit.

The movie, not so much. Seems the idea of traveling back in time to save your parents' soon-to-be marriage before your own existence is wiped out as represented by a 1985 movie was a bit much for their minds. Mind explosion? More like falling asleep on the blankets even before Marty could convince his dad to ask his mom out on a first date by acting like a space invader... like I said, Most Awesome Movie Ever.

I half expected the Independence Courthouse and clock tower in the background of the movie screen to be zapped with a lightening bolt as we watched the movie. But, alas, God does not have a sense of humor. At least not my sense of humor.

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