Friday, July 17, 2009

Road Trip!

ISU redbirds

The car is packed and the camera loaded as Brother No. 2 and I head out this weekend to see Brother No. 3. It will be a nice change of the usual dirt shoveling and plant murdring I have been doing that past week.

I am not too sure what the little college town has to offer. This trip could either be a wild tear across the city, or it could just be the three of us playing video games and sitting around a lot. What ever direction the weekend goes, I am still pretty excited to get to head out and see the whole place firsthand.

Who really knows at this point what Bloomington-Normal has to offer. Not sure if BN3 is Big Man on Campus yet, hard to be popoular when most ofthe student body is still spending much of its summer break away from the school.

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