Thursday, July 16, 2009

Booze on a plane

Well, Hell's Bells. We are an official website now, suckers

For five years I have been using this little blog as a place to vomit up thoughts, words, photos, links and whatever other non-sense I came across. For the most part it has been kind of a cluster-fuck of random postings and terrible timing.

Except for a few outlier posts, the stuff here has never been worth reading — unless you are just into depressing tales of lord know what...

But now we are working on all eight cylinders. We got the official domain name (set your RSS feeds to kill!) and plan on releasing some new stuff here in the next few weeks.

Kansas City is awash in news blogs, beer blogs, entertainment blogs, sports blogs. Now back in KC and here full-time, I am still testing somethings out trying to see what I can offer — then again, maybe I should stop caring and continue the online equivalent of flinging my poo on the walls.

Maybe you all can give me a little advice, tell me what you think and what you might like to see. Then again, maybe you all just want me to shut the hell up. Well, too bad, I paid my 8 bucks to get this domain and I damn well plan on abusing it.


Anna said...

2 questions.
1. do you think its necessary to put a "copyright" notice on your blog somewhere? i have been thinking about it because it seems to be all the rage these days. but really, isn't it copyrighted naturally? (i thought i would ask a graduated journalist.)
2. what's up with no reppin' of my blog. i see, katie is just WAY cooler than me. (ok, yes i know she is. so don't answer that.)
: )

Applecart T. said...

sooooooooo, i have to change my bookmark / template? : )

congrats on the $10 purchase :::: )

[that's a spider smile and i own it]

creative commons is my copyrighter of choice. actually, when i've talked to intellectual property lawyers, the basic truth is: even if you scribbled it on a napkin, if you authored it, it's yours and it's copyrighted.

Michael Kan said...


The Wednesday Weekly said...

Yeah, I use the creative commons for all my photos, but I have never really gotten into copyright stuff with the blog itself.