Monday, August 17, 2009

Aye, dios mio and other forms of swearing.

Digging through the piles of collected items in my late grandfather's house, we came across half a dozen boxes of photos, negatives, slides, postcards and other things from the last 125 years. Most of them are of the family, but a majority of them are of random people and places from all over Kansas.

None of them, of course, are organized, filed or even labeled. Some of the photos have names, and dates (the oldest is 1886). Others are file photos from my the old Ekey Photo Studio and Camera shop in Hays, Kansas, and show random families that sat for wedding photos, birthday and other holidays.

Today, I begin the long process of scanning and ordering close to 3,000 photos. Anyone know of a photo shop that still processes glass negatives?

When I get a handful of photos scanned and ready, I'll probably post them here and on my Flickr page.


Brandon said...

If your scanner can handle them at a nice resolution, I am pretty sure photoshop (not a photoshop, rather the photoshop by adobe) can create an inverse for you that might yield appealing results. I will look into it for you, but that is a start to see.

Brandon said...

¡Que BueƱa Idea!

The DLC said...

To scan slides you will need a transparency adapter. Straight up scanning does not produce enough light and the results are pretty poor.

Another thing to consider would be the Johnson County Museum. If you'd be willing to add digital reproductions to their collection they will scan them for you and return the originals, at least those that are relevant to JoCo.

Anonymous said...

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