Thursday, September 10, 2009

Last day

Another day in Colorado is over. Speeches, presentations, lectures, data, hikes, seminars, breakout sessions, more data and a never ending slew of questions.

Somehow I became the defacto IT guy for this experiment in the mountains as sound equipment, projectors and WiFi eluded many of our participants here. Then again, these are nature people, so technology eludes them all together sometimes.

I will say, I do enjoy the work that I am doing here. And the people gathered in this little resort seem to be pretty receptive to some of my ideas for fund raising and advocacy in their little corners of the world. Still, I was up a 6 a.m. and pretty much have been on my feet, talking, demonstrating and answering questions up until the start of Football not too long ago.

I was supposed to hang out with the executive staff tonight and continue to answer questions, but the altitude and the day is wearing on me — plus staying up late with The BAT last night was probably not terribly wise, but we kept out of too many shenanigans (See, Mom, I told you I would). Instead I bid my farewells to the crowd and told them I would be in early and would stay late tomorrow to talk more.

Here is to hoping that tomorrow is easy sailing and that Airport Security won't mind me trying o smuggle beer and bourbon in my luggage...

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ok-WHERE can i get this version?! beautiful song,never heard this version though.