Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my co-worker and I

Max sleeps

My co-worker and I have a great relationship. We spend most the day goofing off and napping — when there is not pressing work to be done... Then I am doing most the work and he continues to hold down the fort on the napping front (Like a boss).

The days are ours to run the house as we see fit. But at night we find things a little more crowded.

Tonight, though was a perfect night a drive around Eastern Jackson County. He and I loaded in the pick-up truck and cruised the abandoned roads the crissed-crossed this terrible county.

The weather was just right to cruise the roads with the windows down bellowing music... the wind fighting for top billing over the sound coming from the speakers. My elder co-worker is deaf, so all that matters is the cool breeze hitting him in the face.

We were cocooned in the cacophony of sound, but those outside community could hear us coming from miles away.

It was a good time to be alone — even with someone else in the truck.

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Jennifer Fabulous said...

I like your doggy. He's so cute!