Saturday, October 17, 2009

The NBA in KC was OK

Sprint Center

The NBA (read: two former KU players and a K-state player) was at the Sprint Center Thursday night under the guise of "Look, everybody, an NBA team CAN survive in KC!"

It was interesting to see and was heavily attended — by the press. I know the hoopla was going to be fairly tepid since it was not only a Thursday, but also the same night as a baseball playoff game AND college football on The TV.

Still, the place did look fairly packed with "fans" by halftime.

Not sure how accurate the 17,611 attendance total was when it was announced considering some of the people I talked too in the upper rafter seats said they bought tickets after the game started on the street for only $10 bucks.

I doubt the NBA could guarantee a $10 ticket price if we did get a team and I HIGHLY doubt they could even pull in that kind of engaged crowd without half the players on the court being from the area already...

Chalmers 2

Chalmers wearing 6 and Dwayne Wade in the background.

Click here for more photos from the night.

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