Wednesday, October 07, 2009

These Kabobs are not to be trifled with


At the crack of dawn we loaded into a sporty mini-van and made our way to the asphalt fields of Arrowhead Stadium to begin the weekly tradition of grilling meats and drinking at an ungodly hour of 8 a.m.

We had never been there, but those around us... teeming with experience... knew all to well that the tailgate, those few precious hours before the game started, was the only highlight to this Football Sunday.

At the helm of the grill we feasted on steaks and scallops, Shrimps and bacon. Then washed it all down with our Whiskey Teas and Gin Fizzes (because straight whiskey is never a good idea that early in the morning).

For more on the mayhem that is a tailgate, click here. If you are looking for good game photos. Tough.