Friday, November 13, 2009

Lowered expectations

Wild week... and even wilder times are ahead of us, WW readers.

There was not one waking moment, I felt, that I was not moving, shaking or doing something to make a buck... this foul beast of a notion that I must be Making Da'Benjamins is going to slowly rot my soul.

A week of painting, construction, dealing with incompetent tech people, writing applications and being rolled over repeatedly by one of the worst insurance companies to date will all come to light in the coming week when I make a break for the door and hopefully can actually pen a lark or two here in this journal...

Or, i might go back to my old ways of just posting the most inane videos on the Inter-webs that I can find. Either way, it is a win-win situation for you all...

Today though, as Friday comes to a close and the Whiskey bottles are ripped open with my teeth, I leave you with this fun vignette between my Mother and myself ... this is almost as good as Shit My Dad Says... only with much much more disappointment in the end.



We had just gotten home from a weekend trip visiting my brother. A basketball player who made a joke about flirting with some of the gals that live near him.

This is the conversation between my Mom and myself in the car after that weekend.

"I hope you gave him some brotherly advice."

"Oh, of course... I told him to be careful when driving the lane... you know, taking it to the bucket strong..."

"MICHAEL! That is enough."

"Haha, Told him to be careful when he sets a pick..."


"Honestly, we were sure you were going to get a girl pregnant first out of the three of you..."

"...What? Why?"

"Well, just look at..."

"...look at what?"

"Never mind."


blythe said...

A lot of ladies dodged a bullet, eh?

Applecart T. said...

this is why i didn't have kids. the future!