Monday, November 09, 2009

A reunion worth attending.

reunion group

Typically, reunions are not a fun affair.

It's awkward, embarassing and leaves you feeling a bit ashamed of those terrible life decisions you made ("Suuuure.... Good luck novel, Mike") Everyone in attendance is either lying about how successful their are, or lying about how fat they got in the last few years. But that usually is with High School or the Family reunions...

This past weekend, though, was not one of those reunions as my little old non-profit invited STRIPES alumni to come home, drink heavily and empty out their pockets to help out the organization one more time.

I loved this group back when I started as a lowly volunteer and kept with it until I became its director. So, it was great to go back and see everyone.

I'll have a full rundown and more notes tomorrow on the weekend, but for now enjoy this sweet line up of all the STRIPES Directors starting with the most recent on the left and going allllll the way back to its founder (right).

The Directors

Click the photos for more photos from the weekend.

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