Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where's Waldo?


Waldo is hidden in a land of astronauts and aliens.

Waldo is a little older and little worn down.

Waldo is now in an urban jungle.

Waldo has seen things...

Waldo is tired of questions about when he will get a "proper job" or "settle down."

Waldo is now hiding among Egyptian stone cutters.

Waldo dates a woman named Wendy who dresses EXACTLY like, what?

Waldo has an enemy — because traveling in absurd panoramas requires some kind of antagonist — named Odlaw... that's just Waldo spelled backward, jackass.

Waldo is now in a land of a thousand other Waldos...and dragons... that shit will fuck you up.

Waldo is trying to wrap his mind around why he is always hiding — and from whom...

Waldo is because you seek him.


Photos: Brandon Schultz
Insane words: Ah, hell, you know.


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Michael Kan said...

HAHAHA, oh man, best pics ever!
-The Kan