Monday, December 21, 2009

500 strong and growing

Yes, dear readers, last week we finally hit 500 posts. We have actually stacked the shit THAT high in the Six years we have been jotting out insane thoughts and chronically my (probably) illegal ways of living for you.

But, instead of looking back and reminding you of the times we did this and that or posted something LEGO/Booze related, I am looking forward.

2010: Pig in the City. Back in the Habit. Dumb and Dumber-er

The Aughts are over and a new decade is beginning. Crack open that Bottle of Wine from 2004 - it's vintage now, bitches. Drink Straight from the Bottle and eat a slice of cheese you found in your pocket. Your First Time - GO!

So, what does all this gibberish mean for you, my lousy band of dunces? Who the hell knows. In fact, I probably won't even know until I wake up naked in some snowy field in Western Kansas after a week of holiday binge drinking (It would not be the first time... Seriously, Andy, and I am so sorry about that).

Really what the internet needs right now is another white, middle-class suburban guy shouting into the wind. Well, sign me up. Send over a double whiskey and coke and keep 'em coming until the house lights come up.

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