Sunday, December 06, 2009

Lego Advent Vol II, Day 4, 5 & 6 Weekend extravaganza!

Wild times here in Lego Advent Calendar Land. The weekend got a little hairy — what with Hockey, booze, and other "non-Christmas approved activities" since Friday. Tonight we are playing a little catch-up to update you on what came tumbling out of my Lego Advent Calendar.

And, if my numbers are correct, you brick-heads seem to LOVE this shit. So, I'll keep bringing the Lego pics and you keep passing it around.

Here is your weekend round up.

Lego Day 4

Day 4: Lego loves a man in an ascot

Lego Day 5

Day 5: Ascot McGee gets a stand to sell his skates

Lego Day 6

Day 6: A snowy lamp that I dare you to lick

Day 3: A sled for the Punk with balls of snow
Day 2: Snowman with sweet ascot
Day 1: Punk with balls of snow

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