Monday, December 07, 2009

Take your Mini-fig to work day.


There is Take your daughter to work day. Take your son to work day. Take you dog to work day, even take your elderly senile father-in-law to work day.

But for those of us that have shunned the rest of humanity and instead found comfort in the tiny, yellow, plastic arms of our Lego Mini-Figs, Monday was for you.

Take your Mini-Fig to work day. Huzzah!

My day was a bit hectic as it was my first day at a new job; new clients, office, phone system cafeteria politics, etc. Still, he hung in there and managed to keep most all of my correspondence and meeting notes up to date.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Mini figs should always wear their helmet on the job site. This little fella appears to already have suffered an injury judging by the blood trickling over his temple. That will learn 'im. Keep that helmet on!