Sunday, January 17, 2010

The picture of modern health

I eat far more than my share. I smoked for a good amount of high school and college. I still drink a lot of whiskey and bourbon mixed with nothing more than ice. I workout maybe... and that is a strained maybe... once a month when I am guilted into going to the gym by my roommates...

For almost a month I had been told any Doc would eviscerate me because of my terrible lifestyle choices and how I abuse my body with booze and Buffalo Wings.

And yet, My Doctor gave me a clean bill of health when I went in for blood work and a check-up last week.

My cholesterol... WELL below 200. Lipids? Sitting nicely in the Low Risk region. BMI? Right on the border... (so, I'm not all healthy, I get it). Still, as I sat on my bar stool this past weekend downing my fifth double bourbon and coke I could tell I was irritating my company that night as I shared my news.

"Goddamnit, I eat flax seed, and pound down fish meals every night and I still have to take medication to keep it around 250...I hate you..."

Suck it, America, being a slothful glutton is my 2010 resolution as all 6-foot-5, 260 lbs of me is actually the picture of modern health according to my doctor (This statement was not actually endorsed nor uttered by any licensed medical doctor).


Hyperblogal said...

I believe the good health is occurring because you are essentially pickled.

The Wednesday Weekly said...

But then my Salt/Brine levels would have been OFF THE CHART... the doc seemed pleased with my current levels if Pickling.

Michael Kan said...

Awesome pic!