Monday, February 15, 2010

I ain't no Flickr back girl.

Trampled Under Foot

It's been close to half a month since I broke out my old camera and actually took some photos to post here.

The creative drought came as things with the new clients have been picking up to a feverish pace and I have been pulling double duty trying to keep things together on a day-to-day front and plan out a 5-year strategy for our new Web products.

Still, I managed to catch these guys at the Kansas City Kansas Community College last week at a music benefit for area high school music programs. Usually, when someone says "Let's go see this family jam band," You get a little nervous that your night is headed for a Partridge Family nightmare...

Only tonight I spent a good portion of the evening picking up pieces of my face as it was being rocked off at a frenetic pace all night by Trampled Under Foot.

The whole family


These guy are locally grown and have gotten some great press here in the last year — even named Blues Band of the Year by The Pitch. And rightly so. These guy have been a round for a while, but they are new to me and they have a new fan, for sure.

I have a strong feeling I will be braving the cold in the East Bottoms to catch them when they play at Knuckleheads.


For these photos I was sitting about 10 rows back and was shooting with no flash. Had to turn the shutter speed down to about 40 and crank the ISO up to 800. Click the photos to see more from the show.

Trampled Under Foot


Anonymous said...

You should probably ditch that Pitch pitch as their pick of TUF being the winner of blues band of the year for a much better title as the W.C. Handy winner for the best blues band of the year.

It would of been really stupid of the Pitch to not give the best blues band award to TUF seeing as they had already won the much bigger and better award.

The Wednesday Weekly said...

I'll be honest, I know little to nothing when it comes to the blues.

They did two sets at this show and between sets they sat and answered questions from the audience.

I asked what artists they listened to and got an earful of artists I had never heard of, but now have been seeking out to listen too.

Call me a Johnny Come Lately, but it's not going to stop me from exploring the musical landscape out there.