Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Now that's a bumper sticker...


My NPR Morning Anchor can beat up your NPR Morning Anchor.

That's right, Maria "Bonecrusher" Carter (far right) has long been a lethal bruiser when it comes to sports and KCUR Fun-Drives.

But now she has joined the ranks of Vicious Killer as she was drafted into the Dreadnought Dorothys Roller Derby Team (one of four in KC).

Using your shoulders

The KC Roller Warriors showcased their new members in a Bloody Valentine's Day bout on Sunday that made their rookies fight for the love of the more senior members. If this was merely an intramural scrimmage I am assuming the full-blown matches next month will involve butterfly knives and chains.

I was a little worried My Librarian would not take to the short-skirt-roller-sport... Still, knowing her blood-lust for violent sports (Mo. Maverick fights are her favorite) I figured she would fall right in line for The Derby.

Hip Check

For more photos from the Roller Derby insanity. Click though.

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michael said...

When Maria Carter speaks, people listen ... or they get hip-checked within an inch of their lives.