Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Donate! Attend! DRINK!


There are a lot of things from my college days that I am proud to call my own.

Sure, there was the swimming pool of booze and catapulting things into the ravine next to our house and harassing Greek kids passed out in the street. There was even a weekend I drove across the Rocky Mountains just to crash a funeral....

But out of the hazy four years I called myself a student, it was my time with STRIPES that I still talk about most fondly and fairly lucidly.

STRIPES was the sober-driver program on campus that in only 4 years had given more than 50,000 free rides home to students keeping their drunk asses off the street.

Sure, it started at Texas A&M, but we still have the largest and most used program in the country.

I actually got involved with the group by accident. See, I was one of those kids that, before discovering the magical whimsy of Booze, spent my weekends in my dorm room watching movies or playing Halo. So, when the hot red-head down the hall was knocking on my door asking for new volunteers to help out that night I said yes.

As a volunteer - and all the way through the ranks as its Director - I have to say this one was of the few activities I truly loved. (It was also my first step into non-profit marketing and management, which I have turned into a career four years later)


I don't mean to wax too poetically here, so I'll get to the point:

Back in 2006, we were a 10 car operation with about 300 volunteers and thought we have reaching the Zenith when we were given the keys to a brand new office and operations center... But the program has only grown and gotten incredibly technologically savvy.

That means we need your help...

In April, STRIPES will be holding its first Fundraising Gala and Silent Auction. I am inviting you, my slack-jawed reader, to attend this inaugural event with me and help out the STRIPES program.

Saturday, April 10
Columbia, Mo
6 p.m. - Reception and Cash Bar
7:30 p.m. - Dinner and Silent Auction

Let me know as I will be organizing a carpool and place to stay in Columbia for that night.

If you cannot attend but would still like to donate, shoot me an e-mail: ( It is an incredibly great cause (and all your donations are tax-deductible).

Donate! Attend! DRINK!

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Applecart T. said...

wait, let me get this right … YOU drove home drunk people? : )

it was "before my time" at MU. we just walked.

woot. i'll try to scrounge cash, but maybe they can just start charging five bucks … the price of a cheap drink / run some kind of guilt campaign against the sloshers-with-driving-morals?