Friday, March 05, 2010

Roger Daltrey/The Who

Roger Daltrey

I am probably one of the few who really enjoyed seeing the The Who play the halftime show at the Superbowl. In fact, I remember pulling the remote away from the host of the party and cranking the volume while yelling at people to shut the hell up and listen to the music (I know, always the social butterfly).

So, I enjoyed seeing Roger Daltrey open for Clapton on Wednesday. Granted, it was just him and a lot of his vocal skills have mellowed. Although, it was interesting that Simon Townshend, Pete Townshend's little brother tours with Daltrey as lead guitar.

Still, I am to young to have ever seen the original Who play live so most everything I know is from their live shows that were recorded many Loony Moons ago.

Roger Daltrey

And Yes, I still get a thrill up my leg when they crank up the opening synthesizer riff for Baba O'Riley

Click though for more photos from his set.

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Lee Bird said...

Thanks for the Daltrey photos. Got a review? Setlist? ;)