Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Roll On

The Dorothys

The Dreadnought Dorothy's celebrated their 100+ point victory at Saturday's bout at Municipal. I have been to several bouts now with the Roller Warriors and this time I was a blown away by the crowd.

In the past I have always been able to stand on the floor and watch fairly comfortably. On Saturday, though, more than 3,700 people filed into Municipal to watch the Dorothys, Susans, Vixens and Knock Outs so I was relegated to the upper decks. Not a bad spot to sit and watch things unfold.

The Bout

The Dorothy Rookies Bubonic Peg and Ira Gash that I'm following (let's be honest - stalking) even got serious playing time in the bout.

The next home bout is 0n April 24 where they will be adopting a Big Lebowski Theme... this can only end with spoiled White Russians and tears.

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