Tuesday, May 18, 2010


max in the sun

My dog Max is 15-years-old. He is a pure Sheltie — papers and all.

We, of course, shave him each month — teddy bear cut — and never pinched his ears. He likes it. He prances and acts like a puppy after each hair cut.

He is completely deaf and slightly blind. Still, he responds to large hand gesture and knows exactly when it is time to go on a walk.

He still hates cats and will chase them down at all costs. And after he bark and growls at the doberman that walks by each evening he checks on everyone in the house to make sure we knew he was protecting the house. And expects a bacon treat at precisely 9 p.m. each night for his day's work.

I defy you find a better dog.

max in the sun2

For more Max photos, check it out here.

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