Monday, June 28, 2010

Michael Buble @ The Sprint Center

Michael Buble @ Sprint Center 6-26

The Buble sang on Saturday... the ladies swooned, of course...

Say what you will about the man, but he is a damn good entertainer. It's like watching old Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra flicks as they sing standards mixed in with jokes and a whole lot of brass.

Michael Buble @ Sprint Center 6-26

The librarian loved it.

The show was a good time and although I won't go out and start buying up Buble CDs - or what ever it is kids listen to in their boomboxes these days - it does give me a chance to once again enjoy this awesome clip:

Many more Buble photos here.


Michael Buble said...

What a wonderful concert. My husband and I had got tickets from at discounted prices and a big "Thank You" to Ticketwood for Michael Buble Tickets .We drove from the Lewiston-Clarkston area to attend Buble concert. It was our first, and won't be the last. Being a Music teacher, I've followed Michael's career since the first interivew I saw years ago. There is absolutely no one who can interpret a song like Michael with such emotion and tenderness as on "Best of Me", "Home," or "Song for You.". Great Show!

Anonymous said...

Videos like this is why The Wednesday Weekly is on my daily blog-check list.

This is the bestest best blog around. Better than the restest rest around.