Wednesday, July 14, 2010

FINALY! Photos from Chicago... and other assorted news

skyline from the plane

HOLY BABY JESUS IN A BASKET! It has been a wild couple of weeks... there was Chicago, vacation, interviews, fireworks, meetings, new projects, networking, Mad Men, road trips, Tom Petty and The New Job...

OK, well not really a New, new job... it's the same thing I have been doing for seven months as a project manager. Only now it's full time and they have even signed on to cover my medical expenses — which is kind of a big deal as I have also picked up Knife and Venomous Snake Juggling.

On top of it all, they are going to pay me to go back to school... just be prepared in a few years to say "Good morning Dr. Ekey...Yes, we have plenty of Old Crow in stock."

But that is boring and really...who needs to hear about my new life goal of being a Doctor of Knife and Venomous Snake Juggling.

Instead, you will get MORE PHOTOS OF CHICAGO!!!! HUZZAH! Rejoice and enjoy the scenery.

America stands for rollercoasters

Nothing says Amerrrrica like roller coasters.

Rob Thomas

Nothing says Amerrrica like ... Robert Thomas?

I would also have photos of Tom Petty, but the camera crapped out and I was only left with what my phone could take... meh.

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