Thursday, July 15, 2010

The helicopter dance

The helicopter dance


I present to you The Helicopter Dance.

I dislocate my elbows and swing them wildly in a circular motion mimicking that of a Boeing CH-47 Chinook Helicopter. If you are lucky - and willing to buy the drinks - I just might break out this feat of dancing authority.

Stand back! You might be sucked into the space vortex created by my lumbering arms swinging with such speed and unbridled passion. The photographer who managed to take this photo got too close and found himself on the wrong side of a black hole just beyond the Horsehead Nebula.

Be sure to bring extra towels, too, as I sweat profusely...and the dance floor will be covered in the tears of fellow dancers falling in rapturous joy.

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blythe said...

For some reason, that photo just makes me wonder what song was playing. "You Shook Me?"