Tuesday, July 27, 2010

These are the decisions that define a generation

Seeing as most of my liquid assets are secured in booze and  Lego sets, it is always tough when a new gratuitous item hits the market that makes me wish I had stuck to my original life-goal in college - which was to become an international bank robber.

Today  Apple has found a new way to drain me of my money and dignity...

The New iMac (cue angels and string symphony in the distance).

Now, before PC people start mouth-breathing their reasons why Steve Jobs is merely robbing a nation of its cash, I feel it necessary to point out that .... well, LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS!

OMG!!!! I must have one!

There is that and the fact that my current laptop that I bought in college is now limping along on its last leg. The thing has endured close to five years of brutal use and insane working conditions (I knew downloading movies while skydiving was a poor decision).

Who knows... payday is Friday...maybe I can just sign over my check to Jobs himself.


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Anonymous said...

oh yes.

materialism certainly defines your generation, dipshit.