Friday, August 20, 2010

I will... (stop being such a creative downer)

Well crap... not even 24 hours after I talk about my big push into video projects in the office here, my partner at the Blue River Campus goes and freaking knocks one out of the park with his video assignment...

It is everything I keep telling people we need to be creating... it's simple... it's emotional... it's easy to connect with whether you went to college or not.

My therapist says I show anger and frustration quicker than I show happiness. So, I don't want my jealousy for his project to show through (too much). I blame the creative drought on the move to a new house and the fact that I don't yet have cable (where I steal most of my ideas...).

But kudos to Blue River's people for getting this together and creating a neat introduction to the school year here from our students.

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