Monday, September 20, 2010

Getting the band back together

For a brief 48 hours one of my old co-workers from the Old Paragraph Factory blew through KC in an extended layover as he returned home to Beijing from a business trip in Boston.

He was only here for two nights, but it was long enough for us to break out the liquor and the loud talk for a celebration until five in the morning with a group of folks that I used to share a newsroom with at the The Star.

Some have remained great friends while I have lost touch with others (but have now vowed to remain internet "best-ies", right J-Bar?), so it was great to get the chance to just catch up to see where they have gone in the world and what they are doing.

But the night was also a stark reminder that the factory does not run on friendship. No, it runs on money. And its lord overseers seem to think it is not printing enough of it.

A blog post does not do justice to the level of respect I hold for these folks and the work we used to do on the old verb-noun line at the Paragraph Factory.

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