Monday, November 08, 2010

For all my friends at The Paragraph Factory

"Linotype: The Film" Teaser from Linotype: The Film on Vimeo.

I used to have an old typewriter that I salvaged from the dumpster and fixed up.

It was a fantastic Smith-Corona from the late 60s that was being held together with new string and duct tape.

I think I still have just about every page that I typed out. Most of the time it was for fun and was never used for any serious business

No, serious business was reserved for the glowing computer at my desk. My resident deep thought-ologist and I were talking about how we used love the old Apple computers that still had the hard, plastic keyboards that clicked with each finger stroke.

Each of remember sitting in our old newsrooms seeking the loudest, clicky-ist computer keyboard and then would declare it ours.

Ah, nostalgia and technology.

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