Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy New Year, you miserable bastards.

And so that just happened...

Well, it looks like you bastards finally got me back. For weeks I had been snapping photos of people sleeping in the car as we jaunted from one Missouri Valley location to another. The one above showed up as we were headed to BloNo this past week... it was a hard night apparently.

But I would assume the unwashed masses that read this perverted filth would understand that a man needs his unbridled, dead-weight sleep from time to time...

Also, kids, remember to buckle up when riding in a car. You never know when it will prevent you from sliding down onto the floor of the car while asleep.

And knowing is half the battle.


Still here, eh? I guess you want to know more about New Year's Eve and how our Cup of Silly runneth over into the streets... I bet you are all also waiting for those elusive photos from Vegas... well, stop bitching and wait longer.

I can tell you right now that The Librarian and I spent much of our time in Vegas eating healthy, drinking lots of water and studying the bible like all the other tourists in town...

Yeah. That's how it happened.

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